So after grabbing a drink with some friends after work, I ran home and got into some fajitas. I'd meant to cook these for a couple days, but due to a thing or two coming up ... I didn't get to it until tonight.

Anyway, there isn't much easier than fajitas. I mean, honestly. You need minimal cooking knowledge to do these really well. You just cook and slice a few things in a few batches and ... PRESTO. You're done and getting real on some fantastic stuff.

Here's what made up our little fiesta:

- shrimp
- dried oregano
- garlic
- red bell pepper
- green/yellow chili peppers
- white onion
- smoked gouda
- smoked mozzarella
- pork tenderloin
- lime
- green onion
- flour tortillas
- pre-made salsa

Meena did a little rub on the tenderloin while I was on my way home. Just a few spices to taste it seemed. I just finished it on a skillet with some lime. While I was doing the tenderloin, I grilled off some peppers. One chili, one sweet bell. Once the peppers were a little black, I took them off and threw on some shrimp. Just added a little more lime, some salt and the dried oregano (not sure the oregano was necessary ... should have used cilantro or something. But I didn't have it and was just going for color). And that was about it. Finished it with the green onion and garlic clove. I just used a little quick read meat thermometer to make sure the meat was cooked through and after letting it rest a minute, sliced it up. It was nice and spicy and the meat was just right. And that's it. On to the Brinegar family holiday card and off to bed.

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