I got home late last night and Meena was kind enough to call up Joya to inquire about having them bring us some delicious foods. They were, in fact, more than willing to bring some of their Thai delights over to our spot for a low, low price. Great news.

Until the order showed up.

Dudes at Joya brought me what I'd probably call THE WORST THAI DISH EVER INVENTED. See, normally I have that pork salad you may have seen on MOAP before. It's nice. Greens, pork, onions, dressing. I like it. Love it a little. Look forward to it. But last night, they must have misheard Meena or just totally messed up delivery, because what showed up was a steaming pile of mushy rice mixed through with some pork and a few bits of onion and cabbage. I think it was pork fried rice? Maybe. If that was the case, it was the worst pork fried rice I've ever had. Hands down. Terrible.

But whatever. It was nourishment and after my tom yum koong, I was pretty full anyway. No biggie.

Meena had some yummy spring rolls and shared a few bites of her chicken pad thai with me. Even that seemed a bit off last night. Not sure what their deal was. But again ... whatever.

I'm sure we'll still call Joya. Dudes just had an off night. It happens. Maybe I'll cook something delightful tonight. Not sure. But maybe.



Seeing as that Meena had a work thing and I was all by my lonesome last night, the dinner for one that came from the kitchen was surprisingly inspired. Nothing spectacular, mind you. I still had a Yankees game to watch and some kicking back that was long overdue, but you know, for nobody but little old me, not bad, right?

So I started with a little grilled cheese type thing. I got the pan too hot (you can see the burns ... but the pinstripes were having a killer seventh and I was distracted at times), but that was the only real error here. I threw in:
- country french loaf slices
- fresh mozzarella
- homemade pesto
- raw white onion
- salami

As that sucker was getting the heat treatment, I whipped up a bit of a salad as well. Just a little caprese type thing with some leftovers we had around:
- basil
- fresh mozzarella
- grape tomatoes
- sea salt
- black pepper
- olive oil
- red wine vinegar

I know the last ingredient isn't one of those traditional ones, but I just didn't feel like balsamic. And all I wanted was a really subtle vinegar pop. So it was hardly even a real ingredient. Just a dusting. Like ... red wine vinegar vapor almost. Not really, obviously. I'm just trying to give you scale. Sorry. I'll stop.

Anyway, other than smelling like an onion patch when Meena got home (that raw stuff is SERIOUS ... I think I still smell like it this morning), this was a delightful little Tuesday night meal. Not sure what's on the docket tonight. We have a big (HUGE) episode of Lost. We should probably celebrate with something good to eat, right?



Last night we had planned to do a pesto chicken salad but when we got to the store and realized chicken breast were ringing up at 15 bucks for two ... we changed direction and went with tuna. Seriously? 15 bucks for two little chicken breasts? This isn't halibut, dudes. It's chicken. Sheesh.

But whatever. We went with the tuna and didn't look back. One of Meena's favorite things in the world is a good tuna melt, so I set out on a mission to make a good one with a little twist. I threw together:
- our homemade pesto
- tuna
- red onion
- light mayo
- french bread
- cheddar cheese

I threw all that under the broiler and got everything crisp and bubbly. Meena made up a quick salad that featured:
- romaine
- bleu cheese
- red onion
- grape tomatoes
- dressing (garlic, sugar, canola oil, red wine vinegar, rice wine vinegar, sea salt, black pepper and lemon juice)

Lovely. The tuna was tempered by the pesto and given a nice richness from the cheese. The salad was perfect, as always. Excellent Monday night meal.



I think we've finally gotten the hang of the pizza stone. This time around, we heated the stone to a really high temp, thew the dough on with some olive oil and salt, pulled it back out, dressed it up with toppings, then threw it back on the stone to finish off.

That's the trick.

Nothing too special in the prep. Just rolled out the dough and gave it some salt, pepper and olive oil.

Threw on the following:
- marinara
- pesto
- red onion
- salami
- mozzarella
- basil
- black pepper

Crisp and blowing up the flavor receptors all over my tongue. I guess by flavor receptors I mean taste buds. But flavor receptors sounds way funnier to me. Oh boy.

Sorry, long weekend. Great weekend. Glad we finished it off with this sucker.


We had a ton of ingredients left over from the previous night's festivities, so we figured it was best just to use things up.

A bit of the leftover salad went on the plates and then we threw together:
- eggs
- milk
- pesto
- parmesan
- campari tomatoes
- sea salt
- black pepper

Cooked those suckers off and topped with the tomato. Garlicky and delicious.


Steveo was out of town for the weekend helping the moving efforts of his younger brother, so we made it our mission to make sure Dan was well fed on Saturday night. James and D were recently back from Mexico and we wanted to catch up, so we just decided to merge friends and have an awesome make your own pizza festival.

Meena got us started with a really, really good salad:
- romaine
- baby spinach
- shallot
- salami
- kalamata olives
- campari tomatoes (these things are AMAZING!)
- pine nuts
- parmesan
- dressing (canola oil, sugar, garlic, red wine vinegar, rice vinegar, salt and black pepper)

Really lovely. And those tomatoes were off the hook. When you can get a really awesome tomato at this point in the year, it's a gift from the big guy.

Then we had a big pizzetta making station with the following:
- mushrooms with garlic
- yellow and red bell pepper
- mozzarella
- chicken sausage with hot pepper
- chicken sausage with sun-dried tomato
- sauteed white onion
- bleu cheese
- parmesan
- esposito's marinara
- homemade pesto (basil, parmesan, pine nuts, garlic, olive oil, rice wine vinegar, sea salt and black pepper)
- flour tortillas
- basil

We were also treated to some of D's homemade pasta with a bit of homemade sauce. Out of this world, folks. When directed by Italian grandmothers, pasta is something far greater than just pasta.

Meena capped the whole thing off with some lovely cookies - banana, chocolate chip and coconut. AWESOME. She sandwiched some vanilla ice cream in a handful of those joints and made some pretty amazing ice cream sandwiches.

Great food, plenty of wine, tons of fun, great night.


The weather was legit this weekend. Up in the 80s and nothing but sun for the foreseeable future. We knew we would be heading on down to Fairway on the bikes later on, so a breakfast was necessary.

I ran over to Caputo's for a really nice roll that was, get this, STILL WARM FROM THE OVEN WHEN I BOUGHT IT. Awesome. Simple fixings went on:
- bacon
- egg
- mozzarella
- chipotle hot sauce (lots of it)

Oh boy. This thing was heaven on a roll. Would have been great without the bread, but boy, oh, boy, that Cuputo's put this one over the edge. Awesome.



Friday night Meena and I decided we wanted to try something a little different so we did a little searching around the internetz. After reading a few reviews that were remarkably positive, we wound up deciding on Daruma on Mott near Prince.

I'm really glad we did.

This spot has a bunch of different options in the Japanese genre, but their specialty is the yakitori ... the little sticks of grilled meats and veggies and rice that come in at just 2 bucks per.

In hindsight, I probably should have ordered the entire menu of yakitori for the two of us. It would have been fine. Not too much food ... but lots of nice variety. I was a little worried about the portions though, so we just picked out the following:
- yotsumi chicken tender
- bacon with scallop
- gyu tender beef
- shu mai x 2
- rice stick
- squid ball
- fish ball
- salmon

Amazing. We also had the pork munchkins appetizer and the shrimp popcorn appetizer. Both were pretty solid, but in all honesty, the draw is the yakitori and I could have been perfectly happy with that alone. Meena felt like it was ideal to have a little more variety. Some sushi or something. But I could have just destroyed the yaki.

Anyway, I think the squid ball was pretty awesome. Meena loved the shu mai. The beef was also really nice and peppery. The rice stick was, as noted in reviews, surprisingly awesome.

This spot is totally worth the trip, though. It's cheap, fast and totally delicious.



We finally got the kitchen going again last night and with the exception of me finishing the meat just a smidgen too long in the oven, everything was pretty glorious.

The moment Meena got home, she threw a couple sweet potatoes in the oven and got them roasting on high. When they came out, we didn't do a thing but crack them open to add one little pat of butter. Delicious.

Meena also made a salad that was quite delicious and a nice source of my two favorite vitamin groups - bright green greens and deep bleu cheese. The rest of the list went like this:
- dressing (garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt, black pepper and oregano)
- field greens
- mushrooms
- bleu cheese

And then I threw the hanger steaks on a skillet to get a nice sear on each side before finishing them off in the oven with a couple pinches of truffled salt (thanks, Allison!).

So yeah, I finished them a little too long in the oven and I went a little too light on the truffled salt, but I'll get it better next time. And because it was hanger steak, even medium well, it was still really tender and full of nice flavor. I just prefer it medium rare, you know?

Anyway, not a bad dinner for a Thursday night. The good weather is coming ... wonder what we'll make next?



It's funny that even when Zaytoon's messes up an order and gives you the wrong sandwich and forgets to put ingredients on a sandwich you ordered ... it still tastes really good.

I don't know what the deal with Zaytoon's has been the last week, but we went in the other day and they didn't have hummus. I mean ... really? No hummus. That would be like if my boss came to my desk asking for a presentation and I told her ... yeah, no computer today. Sorry. Zaytoon's ... dudes ... HUMMUS IS MANDATORY.

Anyway, last night Meena ordered a chicken shawarma sandwich with hummus but didn't get any. I ordered a shish kebab sandwich but a regular shawarma sandwich arrived. Our Zaytoon's mix was on point. Meena said it was weird but I was on board with it. Nice arrangement of peppers and pickles. Few olives. I was feelin' it.

I'm not worried. These guys ebb and flow. We'll stick with them through thick and thin. You know you're good when even the mistakes taste pretty darn delicious.



Last night I got home pretty late due to a work function but Meena had been kind enough to order up a bunch of nice little treats from Chance.

We both shared bits and pieces of the following:
- sesame chicken
- chance's chicken (spicy)
- pork dumplings
- curry noodles

I now realize that the most amazing thing this place makes is the chance's chicken ... extra spicy. Just incredible. A little sweet, a little hot. 100% awesome.



Last night Meena made an amazing dinner that she claims is designed for a weeknight meal she'll someday make when we have kids. Good, healthy food that tastes good. Kidz meals.

If this is kid food, I'm eagerly looking forward to more kids meals. Because this stuff was pretty awesome.

First, she did a few meatballs:
- ground turkey
- garlic
- minced onion
- italian seasoning
- soy
- sea salt

And then she made a veg mix:
- bell peppers
- garlic
- mushroom
- spinach
- bullion cube
- skim milk
- flour

Finally, she threw both over a box of some wild rice.


I had a bunch of sriracha with mine and it really made this thing shine. The turkey was perfect. Moist and flavorful, not over-spiced or dry. The veggies had a nice salty punch and a pleasing heartiness to them. And then you got a nice fork full of rice with each bite. Fantastic.



After a great weekend (weather, food, friends ... it really was!), we decided to close it all out with a bit of pizza.

We rode our bikes down to the Fairway earlier in the day and picked up a few nice ingredients. And that's why this one really shined ... we had some great stuff coming out of the fridge. I think the real highlights were the chicken and hot pepper sausage and Fairway mozzarella. The sausage just felt really fresh and subtly spiced. The cheese, also fresh and clean tasting, had a nice bit of salty finish that put this one in the upper echelon.

Anyway, here's the full run down:
- pizza dough
- flour
- corn meal
- marinara
- garlic
- white onion
- mozzarella
- chicken sausage
- spinach
- chili powder
- black pepper

We need to work (still!) on our pizza stone technique, but I feel we're getting close.



Sunday morning we rode the bikes on down to Red Hook with the intention of trying the new Tini and hitting Fairway. We'd heard about Tini moving down the road into their furniture store space, Home/Made, and we were eager to see what the new digs had in store.

Perfect as always, friends. These ladies make one of the most amazing breakfasts in Brooklyn. I don't even hesitate to say that. Not for a second. It's the best.

After a lovely homemade scone with a bit of dried cherry and a nice pot of French pressed coffee, we moved into the main event. Meena had:
- wild mushroom and fontina scramble

Alec had:
- truffled egg scramble

We also had a small side of sausage to cap it all off. Man, oh man. If you're ever in Red Hook and find yourself in need of a brunch, this is the spot. Honestly, even if you aren't anywhere near Red Hook, it's worth the trip. Just go.



We kicked off Saturday by fighting the hot, sweaty masses at the Atlantic Terminal to secure two new bicycles. See, ours were stolen this winter (they were busted though, so we weren’t terribly bummed) and we love rollin’ down to Red Hook and stuff. So we had to replace.

After a trip on back to Carroll Gardens, we got cleaned up and ready to head up to Williamsburg to meet Matt for our first trip to Marlow and Sons. Why haven’t we been here previously you ask? I don’t know. We went to Diner about 3 years ago. We’ve been told countless times how much we’d like it. I guess it amounts to the fact we don’t like Williamsburg that much and I naturally tend toward avoiding things people tell me to do. Stupid, but true.

Because this sacred cow was recently awarded the cover of Matt’s magazine, we decided it was time to give it a shot. And because we love Matt, we were super happy he was able to join us.

We started the meal off with a couple oysters. Three from New Brunswick and three Old Salts from Virginia. The spots from Virginia were soooooo delicious we had to order three more posthaste. Fantastic.

We then moved into the appetizers … a calamari salad with potato and dill. Reminded me of the octopus salad I had at Saul. Very nice. A ravioli with egg yolk, walnuts and nettles. I think. Can’t remember that one all that well. It was just OK so that’s probably a large part of the memory loss. We also had a crostini with goat cheese and ramps. They went pretty light on the ramps to my dismay.

Entrees were next. Meena and I shared their famous brick chicken. Matt had the fish. I can safely say the chicken was the finest chicken dish I’ve ever had in a restaurant. Matt’s fish was pretty delightful as well (he shared).

I don’t know if it was the seats on the sidewalk + warm weather + Saturday + good company + wine, but this was a pretty awesome affair. One I’d like to replicate again soon. I don’t need to tell anyone how good Marlowe and Sons is … the media has done a fine job before me. But just in case you needed one more recommendation, here’s mine. Go.

NOTE: I forgot to take photos. Thanks to ultraclay! on flickr for the oyster snap.



Meena and I had a pretty lazy (and decadent) Friday.  The weather was nice and we were both SOOO over work.  With no real options, we did what anyone would have done in our situation … we went out to eat and drank a lot of wine.

We started off at Black Mountain Wine house for two glasses of the house white and a bit of charcuterie.  We also had a nice little bleu cheese on the side.  Delightful.

We moseyed on back to the Cubana CafĂ© after our wine for a couple cocktails and some Cuban.  Meena had:

- ropa vieja

Alec had:

- pork quesadilla

Meena wasn’t a huge fan of hers though she did house it.  I think the olives weren’t really her cup of tea.  Not a total failure, but we should have probably known better.  My quesadilla was just right.  Small but plump.  With a good smattering of hot sauce, it was triumphant.    



Last night we hit Park Slope for a bit of chillin’ with Dan and Steve before they flew west for a little baptism.  After a couple rounds of Bond with the Viksjo boys, we called in a bit of the Asian fusion from Nana.

 Meena had:

- shrimp fried rice with green curry

 Alec had:

-  miso soup

-  salmon and avocado roll

-  yellowtail and jalapeno roll


Spot on as usual.  I’m a huge fan of the “blonde miso” from this spot.  Coincidence?  I think not.

 And it was great to get a chance to hang with the guys before their trip.  



Sorry, after two nights of cooking, we just couldn't get it done last night. I got home quite a bit later than I would have liked and it just wasn't in the cards. We needed to get psyched for a new episode of LOST and well, the fridge just didn't have anything interesting. that could be made into delicious foods in less than 45 minutes.

Joya totally delivered. Everything was really solid last night. Meena had:
- spring rolls
- chicken pad thai (sambal oelek on the side)

Alec had:
- tom yum koong
- pork salad

I spiced up my salad and it was one of the better efforts Joya has provided in some time. The tom yum koong was surprisingly tame. I needed it to be that way after a few bouts with liquid fire showing up in my soup bowl.

Anyway, good night. Thanks, Joya.



Taco Monday was a huge hit and lucky for us, there were leftovers in the fridge when we got home on a rainy Tuesday. What do you do when you have leftover taco stuff? Well, you make taco salad, of course.

And although some Taco Bell commercials currently airing would have you believe meat, cheese and beans are the only vial elements of a taco salad, I happen to believe some greens and tomato are equally (if not more) important to a solid showing here. It is, in my opinion, a salad enhanced with elements of taco. Not the other way around.

Anyway, ours included:
- field greens
- ground beef with Meena's taco seasoning
- tomato
- mozzarella
- oregano
- white onion
- taco shells
- sea salt
- black pepper
- salsa
- sour cream
- hot sauce

I also threw together a bit of a dressing that went over the greens before the final layering of ingredients:
- cumin
- lemon juice
- cider vinegar
- honey
- sea salt
- chili powder
- olive oil
- water

Niiiiiiice. Meena was a little down on the oregano, but I think she generally enjoyed this. I did. The salad, on its own, was nice and dressed well. The lemon and vinegar bite gave it a life of its own beyond the taco elements.

The taco stuff was just as good as yesterday, if not maybe a bit better after a day of mellowing. I liked mixing up the tomato and cheese and onion with a bit of salt and herb to create a salsa-like condiment between the meat and the salsa.

Anyway, it's just a taco salad so I won't go any further. But it was delicious and it was a nice little Tuesday dinner.



Hello again! We're back from Milwaukee and I'm happy to report we had a very lovely time. We saw tons of family, watched a mountain of sports (even golf!) and had lots and lots and lots and lots of food. I think I packed on some poundage. I hope not but I think it's true.

Anyway, we started out Friday night at the Westmoor Club in Brookfield and I was treated to a hearty helping of that Wisconsin specialty I'd heard so much about over the years ... fried fish from a Friday night fish fry. This wasn't the church basement variety (which I'm told is the real deal, Holyfield) but I was pretty pleased with my walleyed pike and its crunchy shell. Meena had a mix of seafood including scallops, fried shrimp and fried haddock. She wasn't in LOVE with all of it, but I know the haddock was well received. Anyway, it was a fun night and I really enjoyed the chance to experience a Wisconsin tradition (partially) with Mr. & Mrs. Roell.

Saturday night we had part of the family over for a wonderful Italian feast capped off by a cake expertly decorated by my nieces. Mrs. Roell threw together a wonderful spaghetti with meat sauce while Kenton and Shauna mixed up a nice ceasar salad. I helped with a bit of bruschetta and Mrs. Roell finished it all off with some cheese and tomato in the oven. Delicious.

Sunday we had a lovely Easter spread capped off (in my opinion) by a delicious ham. I ate my weight in this ham and I believe I can pinpoint this as the source of those additional pounds. I'm pretty sure. Mrs. Roell also had green bean casserole, turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and gravy. Oh, and rolls. So delicious. So plentiful. So awesome.

After a flight back to NY and my class in Midtown, I was back in Brooklyn enjoying an incredible Monday night taco night Meena had thrown together while I was learning. She ditched the "taco seasoning" and mixed up her filling the old fashioned way. She used:
- ground beef
- onion
- garlic
- cayenne pepper
- chili powder
- oregano
- cider vinegar
- brown sugar
- tomato sauce
- chicken broth
- cumin
- sea salt

Wow. Topped off with a bit of tomato, salsa, lettuce, sour cream, cheese and hot sauce? Are you kidding? I mean, just awesome. My wife is the best.

Great trip. Now we're back in Brooklyn and I promise, I'll be good about updates this week.

UPDATE: Just wanted to note a couple things I missed here:

1. Shauna made deviled eggs for the big Sunday dinner and although she hates eggs and does not eat them, she made very delicious deviled eggs. Meena watched what was happening and I hope they appear in our home very soon.

2. Kenton was indeed the foreman on the cake decorating construction site. Our nieces were tasked with handling most of the heavy lifting, but Kenton made sure it all came together in an edible way rather than descending into something that might have caused icing comas in unsuspecting eaters.



Sorry friends. I've been very bad about updating lately. It's been a week!

But we've had some circumstances. We both got super ill, work got crazy, my sister came to town ... it was just nuts. So I have a few photos and I'll throw them up here. Just get you a quick recap of some highlights.

Here’s the rundown of all the yummy stuff we’ve had recently:


Dan and Steve rolled out the red carpet with some amazing stuff. Our fantastic dinner included:
- sweet potato soup
- walnut and pear salad
- brussels sprouts with walnuts
- salmon with chipotle aoli

Insane. Thanks, dudes.

Saturday, Allison came to town and we begun having a total blast. Meena was a touch sick so we had Cube 63 the first night. But followed it up with a trip to Buttermilk Channel on Sunday morning for another awesome brunch. I had the salmon platter and the ladies had some eggs benedict. That’s not the real name they use there. But that’s what it was. We also had a side of their homemade breakfast sausage. Heaven in a patty, folks. Get it if you go.

Sunday night we hit Lucali for Allison’s first experience with Brooklyn’s finest. They delivered on an artichoke pie, a hot pepper pie and a basil + shallot pie. Artichoke was just OK but the rest were insane. So, so good.

Monday night we just got ill with some Bocca Lupo. It was weird because their power went out and we couldn’t eat hot stuff. That sucked. But the food was still awesome. Allison and I had some spicy ham tea sandwiches. Allison had a truffled egg tea sandwich. I had some pickled veggies. Meena had an awesome sausage panini. Bum night for these dudes but we’re still in love with them. They’re the coolest dudes in the neighborhood and we’ll always go back. No matter what.

We finished Allison’s run with a bit of Zaytoons delivery. Just some app samplers and a couple sandwiches (shawarma and merguez).

Wednesday night was lost night and Meena and I just called in some more Cube 63. Minimal. I think I just had one roll. Meena had one. I had some soup. We weren’t that hungry.

Thursday night, last night, was a Szechuan Garden night. I had some sezchuan pickles, szechuan pork dumplings and hot and sour. Meena had beef lo-mein.

So we’re off to Milwaukee tonight for the next few days. I’ll take photos and try to have another recap when we get back. Sorry for the delayed posts, friends. We’ve just had a whirlwind around us the last few days!!



We're both still pretty sick. Meena went to work but came home early. I wasn't feeling hot but I made it though. So when we got home, we didn't want to do anything. And complex cooking wasn't gonna work, friends.

What do you do when these things happen? Garbage pasta is what you do. No question.

I threw together the following:
- spaghetti
- olive oil
- marinara
- spinach
- anchovy
- white onion
- milk
- sambal oelek
- parmesan

And .... scene. We just housed that little number and went to bed about 20 minutes later. We want to get better for my sister ... she's gonna be here on Saturday!!



Meena was in a sorry place yesterday and stayed home very sick. Sore throat, aches, etc. No good.

But I think a day in bed and lots and lots of sleep helped a bit and by the time I got home last night, she was up and moving and had already placed a Cube 63 order to get herself a little nourishment.

Meena had:
- shrimp shumai
- seafood noodle soup

Alec had:
- yellowtail and scallion roll
- salmon and avocado roll
- miso soup

What is there to be said about Cube 63 that hasn't already be said? It's the best.



I had a class meeting after work last night and it took me a little longer than normal to get home so Meena got things going for a wonderful little homemade number.

As soon as she got home, she whipped together some wonderful veg:
- brussels sprouts
- potatoes
- bacon
- sea salt
- cider vinegar
- brown sugar
- black pepper

She got those baking slow and low while I was commuting back to the BK. As soon as I came through the door, I got to work on a couple pork chops. I just pounded them flat and then ran them through a quick egg wash. After the wash, they got a panko jacket and went straight to the skillet with a bit of olive oil.

Once they had a couple crisp sides, I sliced them up and threw together a quick dipping sauce with some sweet chili sauce, vinegar, water, soy and sriracha.

Pretty awesome. For a quick, last minute meal, I think this one might be a winner. I'm very pleased with the crisp pork dunked in a bit of sauce.

Meena's veg was so, so good. The bacon and brown sugar just enveloped every bite. How perfect is that?