Sorry, after two nights of cooking, we just couldn't get it done last night. I got home quite a bit later than I would have liked and it just wasn't in the cards. We needed to get psyched for a new episode of LOST and well, the fridge just didn't have anything interesting. that could be made into delicious foods in less than 45 minutes.

Joya totally delivered. Everything was really solid last night. Meena had:
- spring rolls
- chicken pad thai (sambal oelek on the side)

Alec had:
- tom yum koong
- pork salad

I spiced up my salad and it was one of the better efforts Joya has provided in some time. The tom yum koong was surprisingly tame. I needed it to be that way after a few bouts with liquid fire showing up in my soup bowl.

Anyway, good night. Thanks, Joya.

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