Taco Monday was a huge hit and lucky for us, there were leftovers in the fridge when we got home on a rainy Tuesday. What do you do when you have leftover taco stuff? Well, you make taco salad, of course.

And although some Taco Bell commercials currently airing would have you believe meat, cheese and beans are the only vial elements of a taco salad, I happen to believe some greens and tomato are equally (if not more) important to a solid showing here. It is, in my opinion, a salad enhanced with elements of taco. Not the other way around.

Anyway, ours included:
- field greens
- ground beef with Meena's taco seasoning
- tomato
- mozzarella
- oregano
- white onion
- taco shells
- sea salt
- black pepper
- salsa
- sour cream
- hot sauce

I also threw together a bit of a dressing that went over the greens before the final layering of ingredients:
- cumin
- lemon juice
- cider vinegar
- honey
- sea salt
- chili powder
- olive oil
- water

Niiiiiiice. Meena was a little down on the oregano, but I think she generally enjoyed this. I did. The salad, on its own, was nice and dressed well. The lemon and vinegar bite gave it a life of its own beyond the taco elements.

The taco stuff was just as good as yesterday, if not maybe a bit better after a day of mellowing. I liked mixing up the tomato and cheese and onion with a bit of salt and herb to create a salsa-like condiment between the meat and the salsa.

Anyway, it's just a taco salad so I won't go any further. But it was delicious and it was a nice little Tuesday dinner.

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