After a great weekend (weather, food, friends ... it really was!), we decided to close it all out with a bit of pizza.

We rode our bikes down to the Fairway earlier in the day and picked up a few nice ingredients. And that's why this one really shined ... we had some great stuff coming out of the fridge. I think the real highlights were the chicken and hot pepper sausage and Fairway mozzarella. The sausage just felt really fresh and subtly spiced. The cheese, also fresh and clean tasting, had a nice bit of salty finish that put this one in the upper echelon.

Anyway, here's the full run down:
- pizza dough
- flour
- corn meal
- marinara
- garlic
- white onion
- mozzarella
- chicken sausage
- spinach
- chili powder
- black pepper

We need to work (still!) on our pizza stone technique, but I feel we're getting close.


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