Sunday morning we rode the bikes on down to Red Hook with the intention of trying the new Tini and hitting Fairway. We'd heard about Tini moving down the road into their furniture store space, Home/Made, and we were eager to see what the new digs had in store.

Perfect as always, friends. These ladies make one of the most amazing breakfasts in Brooklyn. I don't even hesitate to say that. Not for a second. It's the best.

After a lovely homemade scone with a bit of dried cherry and a nice pot of French pressed coffee, we moved into the main event. Meena had:
- wild mushroom and fontina scramble

Alec had:
- truffled egg scramble

We also had a small side of sausage to cap it all off. Man, oh man. If you're ever in Red Hook and find yourself in need of a brunch, this is the spot. Honestly, even if you aren't anywhere near Red Hook, it's worth the trip. Just go.

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