We kicked off Saturday by fighting the hot, sweaty masses at the Atlantic Terminal to secure two new bicycles. See, ours were stolen this winter (they were busted though, so we weren’t terribly bummed) and we love rollin’ down to Red Hook and stuff. So we had to replace.

After a trip on back to Carroll Gardens, we got cleaned up and ready to head up to Williamsburg to meet Matt for our first trip to Marlow and Sons. Why haven’t we been here previously you ask? I don’t know. We went to Diner about 3 years ago. We’ve been told countless times how much we’d like it. I guess it amounts to the fact we don’t like Williamsburg that much and I naturally tend toward avoiding things people tell me to do. Stupid, but true.

Because this sacred cow was recently awarded the cover of Matt’s magazine, we decided it was time to give it a shot. And because we love Matt, we were super happy he was able to join us.

We started the meal off with a couple oysters. Three from New Brunswick and three Old Salts from Virginia. The spots from Virginia were soooooo delicious we had to order three more posthaste. Fantastic.

We then moved into the appetizers … a calamari salad with potato and dill. Reminded me of the octopus salad I had at Saul. Very nice. A ravioli with egg yolk, walnuts and nettles. I think. Can’t remember that one all that well. It was just OK so that’s probably a large part of the memory loss. We also had a crostini with goat cheese and ramps. They went pretty light on the ramps to my dismay.

Entrees were next. Meena and I shared their famous brick chicken. Matt had the fish. I can safely say the chicken was the finest chicken dish I’ve ever had in a restaurant. Matt’s fish was pretty delightful as well (he shared).

I don’t know if it was the seats on the sidewalk + warm weather + Saturday + good company + wine, but this was a pretty awesome affair. One I’d like to replicate again soon. I don’t need to tell anyone how good Marlowe and Sons is … the media has done a fine job before me. But just in case you needed one more recommendation, here’s mine. Go.

NOTE: I forgot to take photos. Thanks to ultraclay! on flickr for the oyster snap.

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