Meena and I had a pretty lazy (and decadent) Friday.  The weather was nice and we were both SOOO over work.  With no real options, we did what anyone would have done in our situation … we went out to eat and drank a lot of wine.

We started off at Black Mountain Wine house for two glasses of the house white and a bit of charcuterie.  We also had a nice little bleu cheese on the side.  Delightful.

We moseyed on back to the Cubana Café after our wine for a couple cocktails and some Cuban.  Meena had:

- ropa vieja

Alec had:

- pork quesadilla

Meena wasn’t a huge fan of hers though she did house it.  I think the olives weren’t really her cup of tea.  Not a total failure, but we should have probably known better.  My quesadilla was just right.  Small but plump.  With a good smattering of hot sauce, it was triumphant.    

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