Last night Meena made an amazing dinner that she claims is designed for a weeknight meal she'll someday make when we have kids. Good, healthy food that tastes good. Kidz meals.

If this is kid food, I'm eagerly looking forward to more kids meals. Because this stuff was pretty awesome.

First, she did a few meatballs:
- ground turkey
- garlic
- minced onion
- italian seasoning
- soy
- sea salt

And then she made a veg mix:
- bell peppers
- garlic
- mushroom
- spinach
- bullion cube
- skim milk
- flour

Finally, she threw both over a box of some wild rice.


I had a bunch of sriracha with mine and it really made this thing shine. The turkey was perfect. Moist and flavorful, not over-spiced or dry. The veggies had a nice salty punch and a pleasing heartiness to them. And then you got a nice fork full of rice with each bite. Fantastic.

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Nick said...

So looking forward to trying this in our kitchen . . .sans kids, of course.