Friday night Meena and I decided we wanted to try something a little different so we did a little searching around the internetz. After reading a few reviews that were remarkably positive, we wound up deciding on Daruma on Mott near Prince.

I'm really glad we did.

This spot has a bunch of different options in the Japanese genre, but their specialty is the yakitori ... the little sticks of grilled meats and veggies and rice that come in at just 2 bucks per.

In hindsight, I probably should have ordered the entire menu of yakitori for the two of us. It would have been fine. Not too much food ... but lots of nice variety. I was a little worried about the portions though, so we just picked out the following:
- yotsumi chicken tender
- bacon with scallop
- gyu tender beef
- shu mai x 2
- rice stick
- squid ball
- fish ball
- salmon

Amazing. We also had the pork munchkins appetizer and the shrimp popcorn appetizer. Both were pretty solid, but in all honesty, the draw is the yakitori and I could have been perfectly happy with that alone. Meena felt like it was ideal to have a little more variety. Some sushi or something. But I could have just destroyed the yaki.

Anyway, I think the squid ball was pretty awesome. Meena loved the shu mai. The beef was also really nice and peppery. The rice stick was, as noted in reviews, surprisingly awesome.

This spot is totally worth the trip, though. It's cheap, fast and totally delicious.

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