We finally got the kitchen going again last night and with the exception of me finishing the meat just a smidgen too long in the oven, everything was pretty glorious.

The moment Meena got home, she threw a couple sweet potatoes in the oven and got them roasting on high. When they came out, we didn't do a thing but crack them open to add one little pat of butter. Delicious.

Meena also made a salad that was quite delicious and a nice source of my two favorite vitamin groups - bright green greens and deep bleu cheese. The rest of the list went like this:
- dressing (garlic, lemon juice, olive oil, red wine vinegar, salt, black pepper and oregano)
- field greens
- mushrooms
- bleu cheese

And then I threw the hanger steaks on a skillet to get a nice sear on each side before finishing them off in the oven with a couple pinches of truffled salt (thanks, Allison!).

So yeah, I finished them a little too long in the oven and I went a little too light on the truffled salt, but I'll get it better next time. And because it was hanger steak, even medium well, it was still really tender and full of nice flavor. I just prefer it medium rare, you know?

Anyway, not a bad dinner for a Thursday night. The good weather is coming ... wonder what we'll make next?

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a said...

woohoo! glad you got to use the truffle salt. wish I was back in your kitchen baking cookies!