It's funny that even when Zaytoon's messes up an order and gives you the wrong sandwich and forgets to put ingredients on a sandwich you ordered ... it still tastes really good.

I don't know what the deal with Zaytoon's has been the last week, but we went in the other day and they didn't have hummus. I mean ... really? No hummus. That would be like if my boss came to my desk asking for a presentation and I told her ... yeah, no computer today. Sorry. Zaytoon's ... dudes ... HUMMUS IS MANDATORY.

Anyway, last night Meena ordered a chicken shawarma sandwich with hummus but didn't get any. I ordered a shish kebab sandwich but a regular shawarma sandwich arrived. Our Zaytoon's mix was on point. Meena said it was weird but I was on board with it. Nice arrangement of peppers and pickles. Few olives. I was feelin' it.

I'm not worried. These guys ebb and flow. We'll stick with them through thick and thin. You know you're good when even the mistakes taste pretty darn delicious.

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