Steveo was out of town for the weekend helping the moving efforts of his younger brother, so we made it our mission to make sure Dan was well fed on Saturday night. James and D were recently back from Mexico and we wanted to catch up, so we just decided to merge friends and have an awesome make your own pizza festival.

Meena got us started with a really, really good salad:
- romaine
- baby spinach
- shallot
- salami
- kalamata olives
- campari tomatoes (these things are AMAZING!)
- pine nuts
- parmesan
- dressing (canola oil, sugar, garlic, red wine vinegar, rice vinegar, salt and black pepper)

Really lovely. And those tomatoes were off the hook. When you can get a really awesome tomato at this point in the year, it's a gift from the big guy.

Then we had a big pizzetta making station with the following:
- mushrooms with garlic
- yellow and red bell pepper
- mozzarella
- chicken sausage with hot pepper
- chicken sausage with sun-dried tomato
- sauteed white onion
- bleu cheese
- parmesan
- esposito's marinara
- homemade pesto (basil, parmesan, pine nuts, garlic, olive oil, rice wine vinegar, sea salt and black pepper)
- flour tortillas
- basil

We were also treated to some of D's homemade pasta with a bit of homemade sauce. Out of this world, folks. When directed by Italian grandmothers, pasta is something far greater than just pasta.

Meena capped the whole thing off with some lovely cookies - banana, chocolate chip and coconut. AWESOME. She sandwiched some vanilla ice cream in a handful of those joints and made some pretty amazing ice cream sandwiches.

Great food, plenty of wine, tons of fun, great night.

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