Seeing as that Meena had a work thing and I was all by my lonesome last night, the dinner for one that came from the kitchen was surprisingly inspired. Nothing spectacular, mind you. I still had a Yankees game to watch and some kicking back that was long overdue, but you know, for nobody but little old me, not bad, right?

So I started with a little grilled cheese type thing. I got the pan too hot (you can see the burns ... but the pinstripes were having a killer seventh and I was distracted at times), but that was the only real error here. I threw in:
- country french loaf slices
- fresh mozzarella
- homemade pesto
- raw white onion
- salami

As that sucker was getting the heat treatment, I whipped up a bit of a salad as well. Just a little caprese type thing with some leftovers we had around:
- basil
- fresh mozzarella
- grape tomatoes
- sea salt
- black pepper
- olive oil
- red wine vinegar

I know the last ingredient isn't one of those traditional ones, but I just didn't feel like balsamic. And all I wanted was a really subtle vinegar pop. So it was hardly even a real ingredient. Just a dusting. Like ... red wine vinegar vapor almost. Not really, obviously. I'm just trying to give you scale. Sorry. I'll stop.

Anyway, other than smelling like an onion patch when Meena got home (that raw stuff is SERIOUS ... I think I still smell like it this morning), this was a delightful little Tuesday night meal. Not sure what's on the docket tonight. We have a big (HUGE) episode of Lost. We should probably celebrate with something good to eat, right?

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