I got home late last night and Meena was kind enough to call up Joya to inquire about having them bring us some delicious foods. They were, in fact, more than willing to bring some of their Thai delights over to our spot for a low, low price. Great news.

Until the order showed up.

Dudes at Joya brought me what I'd probably call THE WORST THAI DISH EVER INVENTED. See, normally I have that pork salad you may have seen on MOAP before. It's nice. Greens, pork, onions, dressing. I like it. Love it a little. Look forward to it. But last night, they must have misheard Meena or just totally messed up delivery, because what showed up was a steaming pile of mushy rice mixed through with some pork and a few bits of onion and cabbage. I think it was pork fried rice? Maybe. If that was the case, it was the worst pork fried rice I've ever had. Hands down. Terrible.

But whatever. It was nourishment and after my tom yum koong, I was pretty full anyway. No biggie.

Meena had some yummy spring rolls and shared a few bites of her chicken pad thai with me. Even that seemed a bit off last night. Not sure what their deal was. But again ... whatever.

I'm sure we'll still call Joya. Dudes just had an off night. It happens. Maybe I'll cook something delightful tonight. Not sure. But maybe.

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