We had a fridge full of remnants last night so we decided there was no better plan than to make a nice big bowl of garbage pasta with little bits of great stuff.

No surprises with the ingredients ... we just used the stuff that's natural in this environment. The list went like this:
- homemade pesto
- marinara
- mozzarella
- sardines
- basil
- sea salt
- black pepper
- cayenne pepper
- cherry tomatoes

Lovely. The sardines and the pesto just sorta melted together into this rich, thick, garlicky flavor that permeated the entire dish. Every bite had this mellow sardine flavor followed by a bit of cayenne spice and that comforting basil freshness.

The fresh mozzarella probably wasn't necessary in hindsight, but it did give it an added layer of decadence. Not bad for at Thursday.


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