After our last trip to Bocca Lupo when Allison was in town, we were left feeling a little unsatisfied. If you recall, their oven wasn't working that night and we were stuck with either cold stuff or things that could be made on a panini press.

Everything was good that night, but you know ... our favorites couldn't be created and we left full, but feeling a bit like we'd missed the proper Bocca Lupo experience.

Anyway, we went back on Friday for a real meal and I'm happy to report they delivered.

Meena had:
- corkscrew pasta with cream and bacon
- shrimp diavola

Alec had:
- selection of bruschetta (chicken liver, mushroom and truffled cheese, butternut squash and fontina w/ speck)

Not that we ever doubted them, but we're glad they're back in full swing.


a said...
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a said...

mmmmm...I want to go back too!