I love the crostini at Ted & Honey. I've written about it several times here at MOAP and I just can't express enough how good I think these guys are. Delicious, homemade stuff.

So on Saturday morning, pressed for time, we decided to try and replicate something they make rather than running down to Cobble Hill to pick up the real thing. So ... I made an attempt. Our smoked salmon crostini went like this:
- caputo's mini ciabatta
- smoked salmon
- goat cheese
- basil
- truffled salt
- black pepper

Meena isn't a huge fan of goat cheese, so I gave her a mix of goat cheese and cream cheese.

So ... this is lovely. Just fantastic. I mean, cheese, bread and smoked salmon is always going to be a winner and maybe that's all there is to it. But yeah. Thanks for the tip Ted & Honey. We'll be back to have yours, of course, but I'll be making these whenever we can't stop by for original.

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