Saturday night Meena was at a bachelorette party so I was on my own. Luckily for me, I made my way over to Matt's house and took care of dinner in wonderful fashion. James and D and I were just chillin' watching some basketball and Matt went to work on two really lovely recipes pulled from his employer, Saveur.

We started with a brussels sprouts salad that featured tons of those lovely little cabbages shredded lovingly by Matt on a mandolin. He added a few other things ... parmesan, walnuts, mustard oil, chili oil. Awesome. Just a little bit of crunch and that nice, rich cheesy, walnutty flavor.

He followed up the first hit with some amazing mussels. He cooked them in a mix of wine and oil and lemon and spice. I think. And those lovely little bits came out perfectly flavored and cooked to perfection.

Matt, this one was Epic. Even if we won't ever get James on board with these delightful treats, I hope this is just the first of many of these dinners.

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