Last night we had planned to do a pesto chicken salad but when we got to the store and realized chicken breast were ringing up at 15 bucks for two ... we changed direction and went with tuna. Seriously? 15 bucks for two little chicken breasts? This isn't halibut, dudes. It's chicken. Sheesh.

But whatever. We went with the tuna and didn't look back. One of Meena's favorite things in the world is a good tuna melt, so I set out on a mission to make a good one with a little twist. I threw together:
- our homemade pesto
- tuna
- red onion
- light mayo
- french bread
- cheddar cheese

I threw all that under the broiler and got everything crisp and bubbly. Meena made up a quick salad that featured:
- romaine
- bleu cheese
- red onion
- grape tomatoes
- dressing (garlic, sugar, canola oil, red wine vinegar, rice wine vinegar, sea salt, black pepper and lemon juice)

Lovely. The tuna was tempered by the pesto and given a nice richness from the cheese. The salad was perfect, as always. Excellent Monday night meal.

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