Sorry friends. I've been very bad about updating lately. It's been a week!

But we've had some circumstances. We both got super ill, work got crazy, my sister came to town ... it was just nuts. So I have a few photos and I'll throw them up here. Just get you a quick recap of some highlights.

Here’s the rundown of all the yummy stuff we’ve had recently:


Dan and Steve rolled out the red carpet with some amazing stuff. Our fantastic dinner included:
- sweet potato soup
- walnut and pear salad
- brussels sprouts with walnuts
- salmon with chipotle aoli

Insane. Thanks, dudes.

Saturday, Allison came to town and we begun having a total blast. Meena was a touch sick so we had Cube 63 the first night. But followed it up with a trip to Buttermilk Channel on Sunday morning for another awesome brunch. I had the salmon platter and the ladies had some eggs benedict. That’s not the real name they use there. But that’s what it was. We also had a side of their homemade breakfast sausage. Heaven in a patty, folks. Get it if you go.

Sunday night we hit Lucali for Allison’s first experience with Brooklyn’s finest. They delivered on an artichoke pie, a hot pepper pie and a basil + shallot pie. Artichoke was just OK but the rest were insane. So, so good.

Monday night we just got ill with some Bocca Lupo. It was weird because their power went out and we couldn’t eat hot stuff. That sucked. But the food was still awesome. Allison and I had some spicy ham tea sandwiches. Allison had a truffled egg tea sandwich. I had some pickled veggies. Meena had an awesome sausage panini. Bum night for these dudes but we’re still in love with them. They’re the coolest dudes in the neighborhood and we’ll always go back. No matter what.

We finished Allison’s run with a bit of Zaytoons delivery. Just some app samplers and a couple sandwiches (shawarma and merguez).

Wednesday night was lost night and Meena and I just called in some more Cube 63. Minimal. I think I just had one roll. Meena had one. I had some soup. We weren’t that hungry.

Thursday night, last night, was a Szechuan Garden night. I had some sezchuan pickles, szechuan pork dumplings and hot and sour. Meena had beef lo-mein.

So we’re off to Milwaukee tonight for the next few days. I’ll take photos and try to have another recap when we get back. Sorry for the delayed posts, friends. We’ve just had a whirlwind around us the last few days!!

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