You're going to hear this a lot ... we didn't end up cooking last night. I had even researched some recipes and was planning to make Bulgogi. I just thought a little beef with peppers, rice and garlic sounded nice. And I found this great recipe on Epicurious that's actually from the little Korean restaurant around the corner from us. BUT we had to run some errands to Christmas up the place because Grant & Sara are coming from Indy for the weekend. So after hitting SoHo and stuff ... we just thought, let's make it a Hiro night.

So you can basically just look back to the 11/30 post. We did it the exact same. No substitutions. Same meal ... item for item. If you're in NY (and more specifically the East Village) and want some pretty solid delivery sushi, it's one of the best. More info here: http://www.hironyc.com/index.htm

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