What you're looking at up there was dinner last night at Amber and Frank's wedding in South Boston, VA. I didn't blog about the food from the previous night's rehearsal party because it was mostly just tapas and other delicious little bites around the pool. And I didn't have any really good photos. And we mostly just drank our dinner at the tavern that night!

But the wedding was a totally different affair. Well documented and many courses of wonderful dinner.

We started off with a creamy lobster bisque. I'm not typically a fan of creamy soups, but this one was quite delicious.

The next dish to arrive was a very deceptive salad. It looked like they had used prosciutto, but upon tasting, we realized it was just a razor thin slice of sweet Virginia ham. They also had very thinly sliced green apple. Delicious. Really made me want a mandolin.

The main course was a nice fillet cooked just beyond medium. The peppers and grilled vegetables were nice with the meat.

They finished things off with a nice slice of the beautiful wedding cake. It was honestly great. Tons of berries and stuff instead of loads of frosting. Perfect.

It was a really wonderful wedding and a fantastic weekend away from the city. We had TONS of fun with Meena's family and the Inn at Berry Hill was pretty much perfect. Amazing. I'd go back anytime!

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Allison said...

i want to see pictures of you and meena!