Hi, world. We made a nice dinner tonight and it was basically an edible version of Mickey D's fillet o' fish sandwich. Meena picked up a couple pre-made salads from that Whole Foods place and I made up the sandwich before she had to head out and have drinks with fashion chicks.

Salads =
- sesame & chile pepper broccoli
- thai mango salad (with red onion, peppers and chilies)
- creamy salmon pasta salad with capers

I think we both liked that salmon thing, oddly. Normally, I hate creamy stuff, but this one was NOT bad. I loved it a little.

The fillet of fish went a little like this:
- tilapia (with panko, cajun seasoning, egg, olive oil and salt)
- grilled rolls
- proscuitto
- peccorino
- field greens
- kimchi cream (red kimchi, sour cream)

Man, this was an oddly good sandwich. I'm not a huge fan of tilapia or anything, but this was good. All crispy and spicy and flaky. I'm not sure how soon I'll do this again, but I was in the mood for it and it was delicious.

That's it.

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