We are both having stressful weeks (Meena more than me), and last night we just felt like a sandwich. We made a quick run to Whole Foods for some supplies and came home to just kick back with some comfortable food.

The sandwich featured the following:
- peasant bread
- herbed turkey
- black forest ham
- swiss
- dijon mustard
- pickles
- jersey beef steak tomato

And with the rest of the tomato our man Matty Chaymez picked up from the green market (THANKS MATT!) and one we picked up earlier in the week, we whipped up a salad:
- fresh mozzarella
- jersey beef steak tomato
- homemade pesto
- salt
- black pepper

Meena was craving one of the Whole Foods salads, too, so she grabbed the pasta salad with tuna. Pretty delicious, honestly.

I had a mishap with the stupid grill pan and my sandwich didn't look all that pretty, but everything was very tasty.

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