After some nice snacks this afternoon, we slowly got started on some starters and dinner for our date with New Jersey's finest crime family. We're almost at the end, so you know, the food had to be fitting of the occasion.

I whipped up some salmon cakes:
- atlantic salmon
- soy sauce
- panko
- oyster sauce
- black sesame seeds
- sesame oil
- white onion
- garlic
- cherries
- greens & edamame (with olive oil, salt, pepper)
- roasted jalapeño cream (jalapeño, sour cream)

Other than the jalapeño cream being WAY too hot for Meena (I liked it ... but it was HOT), these were excellent. The cherries gave it a nice sweet flavor.

Meena made the mob appropriate dinner:
- peasant bread
- ground beef
- ground pork
- tomato paste
- ricotta
- salt
- garlic
- white onion
- black pepper
- italian parsley
- parmesan
- whole foods marinara

Meena didn't think these bad boys had much flavor but I had to disagree. I thought they were very nice. I even went back and had a couple extra. They weren’t over spiced and they weren't bland. Excellent.


Stephen said...

woah, those look amazing! Delicious photos!

alec said...

You're too kind. It was all very delicious though. The photos are totally accurate.