Meena was leaving this morning for a nice week in Milwaukee, so before she left, I decided she needed some delicious breakfast to get her started right. Before she got up, I hit Whole Foods for a couple quick supplies and had something tasty for her as soon as she opened her eyes!

We started with a tiny (but rich!) salad:
- smoked sockeye salmon
- fresh mozzarella
- field greens
- olive oil
- salt
- black pepper

And we had a wonderful little breakfast BLT:
- peasant bread
- bacon
- jersey beefsteak tomato
- field greens
- dijon cream (dijon mustard, sour cream, sambal oelek)

Everything was pretty delicious. It was so sad to send Meena on her way in the cab, but at least I knew she didn't have to eat crappy airport food today. She could focus on those delicious chocolate chip cookies Midwest Airlines is so famous for serving.

Get ready for a week of alec-only eating. This might be a boring week, folks.

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