In what I feel is a rather strange development, I've become a baseball fan. I'm not sure how it happened, but I watch nearly every game I can get my eyes on. And with Meena out of town, I've really pushed even further into this new hobby. Too bad the Yankees are horrible. I haven't watched a win in weeks (they've won ... I just never seem to watch those).

Anyway, for some stupid reason, I bought sushi for my 4th of July lunch. Real American, Alec. I had an IPA from upstate NY, though. That sorta cancels out the Japanese part.

Anyway, the sushi was from Whole Foods. I'm not sure why I went there. Or why I bought it. But it was ok. And it filled me up.

Now I'm going to hit billysburg for some grilled goods and a couple cold brews before the fireworks kick into high gear.

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