Tonight I felt like if I was going to cook, I should make a bunch of something so I could take it to work with me for lunch the next couple days. After some very brief recipe searching, I just decided to make up a new one for chicken salad. I didn't know what I was going to make, but I knew it would have lots of smoked paprika. Meena isn't a fan, so I thought I'd use it up while she's out of town.

My little salad included:
- chicken breast
- smoked paprika
- salt
- black pepper
- garlic powder
- charred jalapeño
- red cabbage
- low-fat mayo
- cayenne pepper

I also made a little red cabbage salad:
- red cabbage
- olive oil
- salt
- black pepper
- red wine vinegar

This one was pretty solid. It'll be even better on a sandwich tomorrow around 1:00 p.m. But the jalapeño was nice. And the cabbage gave it a nice little crunch. No complaints.

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