After fighting the urge to just stay in bed all week, we were able to get ourselves out of bed and to the office Monday. I'm not sure how, but we did.

Following the office grind, we both went out to see Dan in Park Slope because Steve was out with some friends. Like the champ he is, Dan made us a delicious tapas spread that featured delights such as pepper jack, dill havarti, crackers, hummus and tomato. Bravo, Dan. Bravo.

After the apps, we just decided that the cold, rainy day called for a little Indian delivery. When it's cold outside, nothing is better than a little hot curry, right?

Dan suggested Amin and we called it in. Dan and Meena both had:
- chicken tika masala

Alec had:
- lamb vindaloo

While it wasn't Baluchi's, it certainly wasn't chopped liver. My vindaloo was hot and tender with just a hint of sweetness. Their masala was rich and comforting.

Now we just need to find OUR local Indian delivery. Stay tuned.

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