I'm beginning to like the culinary setup out here in Cobble Hill. While we don't have the convenience of the Whole Foods across the street, we do have a delicious grocery on Court Street and as Meena discovered last night ... a butcher.

I wasn't able to make it home in time, so Meena ran by Staubitz to pick up some chicken. I realize there are more stops, but man ... it's just fun this way.

Meena also ran by Stinky Brooklyn to lock down a couple nice pieces of cheese and some olives as well. She doesn't even like olives. So yeah, it's true. She loves me. And our little starter went like this:
- 1 year aged cheddar
- 4 month aged mahon
- mixed olives
- baguette

And for dinner, we had a little stuffed chicken breast:
- chicken breast (butterflied)
- prosciutto
- basil
- red onion
- goat cheese
- olive oil

I also threw a little broccoli on the side:
- broccoli
- black sesame seeds
- red pepper flakes
- olive oil
- soy sauce

It was a lot of simple food, but everything came out really, really delicious. The broccoli was a little spicy and salty. The chicken was juicy and just creamy enough. The small amount of goat cheese really went a long way.

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