Saturday night was a big party at Nico's house in the East Village. We keep laughing because for some reason, we just keep finding ourselves in Manhattan. Next week ... only Brooklyn. We're not leaving for anything.

But this particular Saturday was a party for Nico's mom and brother because they were kind enough to come up from Cincinnati to check out the city.

We didn't eat before hand because we knew he'd have treats. He always does. And treats he had. Odd, perplexing, strange, delicious treats.

Our spread included:
- skyline chili dip (flown in by mama sizemore for this very occasion)
- buffalo wing dip
- cucumber dillys

I mean, it was about as bad for you as anything I've ever seen. But it was so strange and beautiful that both Meena and I consumed a fair amount of all three concoctions. The wing dip was just a big pan of stuff ... but every bite was like eating a classic buffalo wing. SO strange. So oddly delicious.

They skyline was a party favorite. Meena hadn't ever really sampled it. But I had ... and it was just as good in NYC as it is in Cincy.

I'm trying to track down pictures of the food ... until then we just have this shot of the whole crew at the bar later.

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