Ah, breakfast. The most important meal of the day. The fuel to get you going.

Or in our case, the most decadent, beautiful spread that's been assembled before 10:00 a.m. in the history of the world.

That's a little grandiose. It was really good, though. The thing that really put it over the top was simply eating outside with friends on the banks of the Delaware at Larissa's house.

Our setup was pretty great and it began with some pancakes Meena and I flipped up. We used some natural, organic mix from the store. Not sure what it was called but it made a decent flapjack.

Diana threw together some strawberries with sugar and vanilla and it was the perfect accompaniment. I don't typically like sweet stuff in the morning, but I made and exception and it was totally worth it.

We also had some of those delightful eggs from River Brook Farm. Outstanding, beautiful misshapen eggs. It's wonderful when you open up the carton and there are a few sizes and varied colors. They're real eggs from the chickens I saw running around the farm. Excellent. So our little scramble featured:
- eggs
- red onion
- heirloom tomato
- salt
- black pepper

We had a little of the bruschetta mix left over so we spooned the remnants of that over the top, too. Not bad!

The River Brook Farm also had a "breakfast sausage" that we threw in the basket the previous morning. Where I come from, breakfast sausage is typically small, but these were like breakfast bratwurst, honestly. Totally delicious. Excellent, really. Just HUGE!

I think the only thing left to mention was the egg we scrambled for James with a little American cheese. Not only did he eat it, he enjoyed it he later told us. Now that's success. James eating eggs? Amazing.

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