Saturday was done in two parts this weekend. Part 1 = Meena and Alec sitting around being lazy until 1:00. Part 2 = Meena, Dan and Alec painting the apartment and then going to Trout for beers and burgers with Steve.

Both parts were nice, but let me tell you a little more about the second one (far more interesting).

We painted. And then the apartment looked better. I can't really elaborate more because it was really just painting. But I will say, Dan has helped paint every apartment we've had. And for that we are forever grateful.

Now on to the food! I didn't take any photos (sorry for all this stolen stuff). But to keep it extra interesting, I even found a drawing of the venue (by someone named minicloud or something). So I'm trying to keep it interesting.

Meena and I split:
- hand cut fries
- hamburger

Dan had:
- cheeseburger

Steve had:
- veggie burger

Now, the photos I have up there are of the pulled pork sandwich. I'm definitely going to get that next time because my burger was pretty sub-par. Steve's veggie burger actually looked way better.

The best part of Trout was the Sierra Nevada though. In big frothy pitchers. After painting and moving furniture, there's nothing better than sitting outside and having a few beers and grilled meats. So yeah … I have significant amounts of love for Trout.


dan said...

I love the Thumbs Up in the picture with the Beer. But I was thrown off by the thumb ring - surely our little Meena knows better.

You know I will be there to help paint the next place! In a couple years...

dan said...

I meant picture with the burger. tee hee.