For Dan's ACTUAL birthday, we had a full day of ultra fun stuff lined up yesterday. And I do mean a full day. I think we were at their place in Park Slope by 10:30! On a Sunday! That's amazing!

Steve got the whole party started with better than birthday cake, totally New York style bagels and cream cheese. Outstanding ones from Bergen Bagels! Here's the rest of the spread:
- assorted bagels
- assorted cream cheese
- oj
- ice coffee from dunkin'
- milk
- candles
- birthday balloons

Steve is amazing. Believe this.

Next up, we went to go see the world famous New York Yankees kick the snot out of the Blue Jays of Toronto. Awesome game. Awesome seats. Tons of park food! Here's what we tried:
- hebrew national hotdogs
- pretzels with mustard
- dippin' dots in a baseball helmet
- beer!

Dan, I hope you had as much fun on your birthday weekend as we did!

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dan said...

Is this the first recipe you've posted with non-culinary ingredients? Candles? Balloons?

B'fast was a perfect prelude to the Yanks. Thanks again for all the Beer (at the game, not at breakfast) : )