So I finally had a minute to spend in the kitchen and I didn't even spend that much time in the kitchen! We got home last night and I had a plan. I really wanted to do a Bocca Lupo inspired meal featuring a trio of bruschetta. I thought about a few during the day and tried to utilize as much as we had in the fridge as possible.

My first offering was inspired by lunch with Matt earlier in the day. He suggested I try ajvar, or Serbian salsa, and I was intrigued. I picked up a jar and here's how it was used:
- french bread
- red onion
- ajvar
- spinach
- crispy ham

Our second slice was a veggie friendly option:
- french bread
- mushrooms (cooked with worchestershire sauce, olive oil and white wine)
- hummus
- red onion
- spinach
- radish

The final bite was the only one I really had in mind during the day and it wasn't so great:
- tomato (oven roasted with salt and pepper)
- parmesan
- anchovy
- brie
- black pepper

I really liked the first two bites. I think if I had just done one more of each and cut out the tomato option, this would have been perfect. The tomato was good, but it wasn't great. The other two were really delicious and I will, without a doubt, make those again soon.


claudia said...

what about the last one didn't work for you? it seems to have all the right elements...

alec said...

pretty sure it was the tomato. Just bland. We didn't have anything from the farmer's market ... so just opted for a grocery roma. That was the mistake!

claudia said...

aha - i was wondering if it had been the brie. if i lived next door y'all coulda borrowed a tomato or two...