Oh, man. I've been getting home so late. I had plans to cook last night but when I rolled up at 9:30, that option just went out the window. Actually, that idea died around 8:00 when I realized it was looking like a 9:30 arrival.

And I'm really in the mood to cook. Delivery is great, but I have the urge to make something. Meena fortunately bought some lunch stuff ... so I can at least make some food for work. That helps.

Last night we went for some Cafe Chili delivery. I know we said we would keep it Joya on the delivery front, but I really wanted some chicken with basil and Cafe Chili's is, as Cat Power says, the GREATEST.

That said, Meena had:
- chicken pad thai (spicy)

And Alec opted for the:
- chicken with basil (spicy)

Like I said, fantastic. Meena's pad thai wasn't as good as Joya, but still a strong offering. Maybe we'll both have to order from different places from here on out!

Look for some work in the kitchen tonight. I'm hoping to get out a reasonable hour today.


sara said...

Ummm...I think I just discovered a reason to move to Brooklyn (besides you guys, of course!): foodcoop.com/

I love it! Please tell me you guys are taking advantage of such an amazing idea :)

alec said...

oh boy. we're not, but we for sure should be. excellent idea!