Oddly, we've done delivery two nights in a row. Very strange for Brooklyn. But we've just been so tired. This was honestly one of the worst days at work I can remember in a long time. For a variety of reasons. And I know Meena had a long day. So we just wanted delivery. No mess, no struggle. Just food. Fast.

So we called in the delights of Cube 63. I want this place to work so badly. I know nobody's ever there ... so I just want everything to be OK. I hope our little delivery order made things a little better tonight.

Meena had:
- lobster tempura roll
- spicy tuna roll

Alec had:
- miso
- california roll
- alaska roll
- tuna and avocado roll

I was a little sad about the state of my avocados tonight. All were a bit hard. I hope that's not a sign that these dudes are doing poorly and the avocados are coming in bad from the suppliers. I'm reading Kitchen Confidential after all these years ... so maybe I'm just a bit paranoid. But I thought they were a bit firm for my taste.

Meena's was great. She housed them.

Get ready for some interesting posts ... I'm in Vegas for a minute. Should be ... strange.

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