I got a little promotion at the ol' job so Meena decided to take me out for a nice dinner at our neighboring Bocca Lupo. It was a little chilly out so it just felt like the best possible option.

Oddly, we didn't order our favorite thing there! They are probably famous for a number of things, but we usually think the bruschetta is one of the best. For reasons unknown, we didn't order any!

But we did order the following:
- vegetable antipasti (various marinated vegetables)
- fettuccine with lamb ragu
- panini with sweet sausage, broccoli rabe and porcini mushrooms

Awesome dinner. The vegetable plate had all sorts of fun stuff. From a sweet potato mash to marinated jalapeƱos and sweet red beets. Awesome.

The lamb ragu was perfect and the pasta was fresh and delicious.

And the panini was as always, crisp and spicy. I love you Bocca Lupo.

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