This thing isn't pretty. Or, at least in the photo. It seemed prettier in real life. But yeah. Here it looks like the official dish of the Pittsburgh Steelers or something.

Luckily it was delicious. It's not going to win any beauty pageants. But the taste makes me think ... who cares?

We got the kebabs started with some simple ingredients:
- beef (marinated in red wine, olive oil and soy sauce)
- crimini mushrooms
- yellow bell pepper
- red onion

I also made a quick salad:
- corn
- black beans
- red onion
- cumin
- olive oil
- salt
- ancho chile pepper

And I served the kebabs with my version of tahini sauce:
- fat free sour cream
- garlic
- lemon juice

The beef was stew beef that we ended up not using for chili, so it wasn't SUPER tender. But it was good. It wasn't that tough and I cooked it at a temp that kept it soft and juicy on the inside while the outside got crisp and caramelized.

The little sauce I served with the kebab goodies was perfect. Just what I wanted.

The salad was your standard corn and bean salad. And it was good and very well received.

And even better, I have lunch tomorrow!


daily worker said...

For the sake of accuracy, let it be known that no 'Fall Colors' lunch was had.

alec said...

This is completely true. It's actually still in the fridge. I'm horrible.