Yesterday I decided to tag along with James for a quick trip up to his old stomping grounds in Amherst, MA. James is a grad of one of the town's five institutions of higher learning (ZOO MASS) and lucky for us, the football team was playing rival Northeastern.

We hit the game with James' sister and didn't stay for the whole thing. Things got pretty boring in the fourth quarter.

After checking out the campus and hitting the bookstore, we decided to head out for some dinner in neighboring Northampton. We tried a few spots and were met with INSANE waits, so we ended up deciding on Thai Garden. We had to wait there as well, but not as long as the others. And we saw Thurston Moore walk by while we were hanging. So I mean, that's cool, right?

I can't remember what my companions had, but I went with a big Singha and some pad thai. With a little chili paste, it was quite good. I think we all left pretty pleased with dinner.

Excellent culinary end to a great day at the ZOO.

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