Dinner last night was in a word, HUGE. We did some shopping duty at Town Centre and after we'd worked up a sufficient appetite, we stopped off at one of the mall's eateries, The Grand Lux Cafe. It's a derivative of the Cheesecake Factory and it shows in nearly every aspect of the operation. From the MASSIVE space to the GIGANTIC proportions and EPIC menu, they seemed focused on size from square one. And they've achieved. Because the place truly is massive in every way.

Even the booth we were assigned proved to be one of the largest I'd ever occupied. It swallowed the five of us.

Anyway, not that any of this is really bad. I'm just trying to set the stage.

Once we'd finally finished reading the lengthy menu, we decided on a few things. We ordered as follows:
- Mom: pasta with balsamic chicken and cherry tomatoes
- Meena: pasta with chicken, sun-dried tomatoes and mushrooms
- Allison: salmon three ways (miso, ginger and something else ...)
- Dad: that massive southwestern salad you're seeing up there
- Alec: pizza bianca with prosciutto and balsamic glaze

It was all good but decidedly WAY too big. We all had leftovers. And lots of them. I don't think my prosciutto was really that. It was just ham, really.

But everything was good and after all that shopping, it was nice to be full and content. On home to hope and pray for a Patriots loss (to no avail ... evil is on quite a tear these days).

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