Sad day. Colts went down for the count. That means we become Green Bay fans for the remainder of Favre's historic drive. And that's OK. But still. Sadness. They were a better team than that.

Anyway, we put a nice big rump roast in the new crock pot yesterday and let it slowly simmer away all afternoon. When all the games were over, we were finally ready for some lovely beef barbecue with an awesome Carolina style sauce. Here's how it went:
- rump roast
- beer
- water
- salt
- vegetable broth
- ajvar
- garlic
- crushed red pepper

Once we shredded the meat and let it stew just a little longer in that broth, we threw on some sauce:
- apple cider vinegar
- brown sugar
- honey
- salt
- garlic

We threw it all on a bun and went to town. That tang of the apple cider vinegar was perfect with the rich, broken down beef. I loved it. And we have plenty more of the beef for the rest of the week. Look for leftovers coming soon!

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dan said...

This is by far my favorite title of all time. I'm sorry it comes at the expense of your dear Colts - but BBQ and Sadness? Thats worth a chuckle ; )