Toward the end of Saturday, Meena still wasn't feel well. This sickness does not want to let go of her.

So I went out to the butcher Saturday morning and picked up some meat for a beef stew. I read in Jaimie Oliver's book about a recipe so I figured I'd give it a shot. Nothing tricky ... just good old fashioned stew.

Here's what went in:
- stew beef
- carrots
- celery
- red onion
- olive oil
- wine
- canned tomatoes
- salt
- cinnamon
- garlic
- dried shiitake

Nothing too drastic. And the result after a day in the crock pot? Awesome. Everything melted together and it was just a wonderful broken down bowl of goodness. Can't ask for much more than that.

I was supposed to use dried porcini but I couldn't find any. Shiitake was OK, but obviously porcini would have been much better.

We threw in a picture of Meena's side dish of the weekend. This illness is really bumming her out. She just can't shake it.

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