I got home late last night. Well. Not LATE late. But later. Because I knew the office was going to take me a minute, Meena was kind enough to run by Pacific Green and pick up some supplies.

When I rolled up on the block of Verandah, I was delighted to see she even prepped everything! Pasta was ready, spinach cleaned, sausage chopped. So I didn't even really do anything. I just threw it all together.

I should say this is inspired by Last Night's Dinner. This SORT of pasta seems to come up as an old favorite for her. I think she uses broccoli rabe, though. And Meena hates that stuff. So I just had her get spinach. I know that one is cool with my homegirl.

So when I got home, I threw together the following:
- orecchiette
- spinach
- marinara sauce
- olive oil
- salt
- balsamic vinegar
- sausage
- black pepper
- crushed red pepper

The sausage brought most of the flavor here. And that was fine by me. I think I had two bowls. Which isn't the norm for me. But it was really delicious. And it took all of about 3 minutes to cook since Meena had everything ready. Bring on Friday!

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