Meena had a mild migraine last night so we weren't going to stray outside to give that thing any cause to act up any more than it already was. So I just ran out and picked up a little fish and some vegetables for a quick and simple dinner packed with the flavors we love.

This super easy dish included:
- red onion
- spinach (sauteed with rice vinegar, black sesame and olive oil)
- korean bbq sauce (brown sugar, sambal oelek, garlic, soy sauce and water)
- salmon fillets
- sea salt
- green onion (garnish)


I did the good old season the pan and flip once method with the salmon. They were super thick cuts so I ended up finishing them in the oven for a few minutes just to get everything cooked through. But the top was perfect. Nice and crisp. Your fork moves through that little pop of crust and you get this lovely, creamy fillet underneath. Awesome.

The Korean bbq was perfect with the greens and sauteed onions.

I love this dish. It's nothing elaborate. It's super simple. And it's SOOO good.

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