Yesterday was James' bachelor party. And today I'm paying the price.

Luckily, not for any of the reasons you might imagine. See, we went to play paint ball in Staten Island and I'm bruised and battered. I have welts on both knees and quads that are screaming for not employing proper stretching techniques before the workout. I didn't know all the diving and rolling and jumping would be involved. It was serious and like I said, I'm paying for it today.

After the military journey south, we got down to the good stuff - dinner at Sparks Steak House in midtown. Other than the weird Gotti connection, this place is also famous for having a sirloin to die for. So there was no way I would even think of ordering something else.

Here's what I did:
- tomato and onion salad
- medium rare sirloin
- jameson's neat
- asparagus

I mean, if that's not a man's meal, I don't know. Rare red meat and whiskey? Talk about some old school perfection.

The meal was great, the friends were fantastic and the Knicks game afterwards was still fun despite the fact the Knicks are a joke.

James, you can now officially get married.

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