Oh yeah. Duck sausage. You heard it right.

When Meena and I were at the butcher on Sunday, we decided at the last second to tack a few duck sausages on our hanger steak order. I don't know why. They just looked really nice.

So I wanted to cook them up last night and I did indeed do that.

Nothing too fancy, but because the sausages were made with Grand Marnier, I figured I'd try to jazz them up a little and keep that sweet theme consistent throughout. So I grilled up the sausages and then whipped up a little cabbage concoction:
- cabbage
- red onion
- chives
- hoisin
- orange marmalade
- rice vinegar
- olive oil
- sambal oelek

So I cooked that business down and then threw those plump (giant, really) sausages on top of it all. Then I gave it a little flourish of that sweet BBQ type sauce as a bit of a garnish. Some chives, too.

Yeah, the sausages were pretty awesome. I expected goodness and they delivered. I love duck and now that I've done this, you can mark me down as a fan of the duck sausage as well. I'm happy. I'll do this again for sure. But maybe next time ... something with the lamb sausage. Or venison ...

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