This one was like making a burrito with kobe beef in some ways. It’s probably fine to try it, but maybe it’s something you should save for the spotlight, you know?

Well, we didn’t when Meena bought a nice piece of halibut for our fish tacos the other night. We’d never cooked with this lovely white fish before and although it was PERFECT for the tacos, I really think that the next time we shell out the cash for such a nice fillet, it’ll be front and center on the plate and not buried in our flour tortillas with lots of lovely extras.

But like I said … it was really, really good in these tacos. How good? SO good. Basically, I just grilled up the fish with a little Cajun seasoning and olive oil. It hurt me to break it all up for the tacos. I had to shoot a photo of that lovely, blackened fillet before it was devoured in smaller parts.

In addition to the lovely halibut, we also threw together some other extras:
- cabbage
- avocado
- guacamole (from the taco stand)
- pico de gallo (from the taco stand)
- flour tortilla
- chives
- sour cream
- sambal oelek
- limes

Man, I can’t front … these were pretty outstanding. I realize I probably should have used some little corn tortillas to make this truly authentic, but whatever. I wasn’t really going for authentic.

And now we love halibut. Which is probably as much a curse as it is a blessing due to that hefty price tag. But just sayin. Don’t be surprised to see some show up on the blog soon.

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LEV said...

that halibut looks delicious... very nicely done