Sorry to my anonymous commenter - but these photos aren't that great. See, this blog isn't so much about the pristine photos and success stories. It's just about documentation. So sometimes it happens with a camera phone. Sometimes it's at home with a nice camera and in those cases, I think my photos aren't THAT bad. But sometimes I just take what I can just to get the idea across. Thursday night at Dan and Steve's was one of those!

We were chillin' with the guys and we called in a little Nana to get our sushi fix on. Pretty good choice because the food was fantastic.

I have no idea what everyone had. I can't remember. I know I had a maki combo with some tuna rolls and california rolls and eel rolls. Meena had some shumai and a bunch of other nice rolls. It was delicious!

So, sorry for the crap photos - but I just wanted to make sure you had the latest news!

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